Reflecting impressionism in the 21st centurty

  1. My inspiration
    Impressionists, especially Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassat, and Max Liebermann, have long been my favorite painters. Their use of color, light and shadow, as well as the fact that their beautiful paintings broke with was then considered high quality art, inspired me to try something similar in our times.
  2. My lifetime passion and second career
    I have painted since I was a little child but it is only during the past few years that I have concentrated on working in oil and dedicate more time to it and make it my second career. I am not just painting in one of my two studios (one in Arlington, VA and one in Hamburg) but enjoy the challenge of en plein air painting. I am also regularly competing in plein air painting events, regional art fairs, and regional, national and international competitions. I have the fortune to live in the Washington DC area where so many active artist communities exist and where galleries are gracious to enable “emerging” artists like me to exhibit. I am active in several artist organizations and galleries and started curating shows.
  3. Oil on canvas and linen
    Using the best professional oil colors, good canvas and linen, I aim to create beautiful reflections of the landscapes, monuments and buildings that surround us. Some of my newer paintings also focus on people in urban and rural environments. I have tried other media and see the creative options they provide but I just love painting in oil. There is something to the smoothness of the paint, the need to think through a painting when painting quickly en plein air – not unlike, but different from working in water color. Still, I also like to explore with various media and following the “sage” advice of the well renowned German decorative painter Friedericke Schulz, am exploring not just mixing my own oil paints using pigments and linseed oil but testing how a mix of pigments and beer works to create a strong underpainting – following techniques of the old masters (and I just love the idea of using beer – I am German, after all).
  4. Professional memberships and education
    Associate member of the American Impressionist Society Exhibiting Artist Art League of Alexandria Member of Contemporary Gallery, Del Ray Artisans, Falls Church Arts, Maryland Federation of Arts, Women's Caucus of Art of Greater Washington I earned a law degree and Ph.D. in law from the University of Hamburg, and am completing a Certificate in International Art History from the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC. I have painted with well-know artists, such as Diane Tessler, Glen Kessler, Jill Banks, Ted Reed, Patrick Kirwin, Adriane Kralik, and Fred Markham
Working in two locations - Arlington VA - Hamburg, Germany - Studio and En Plein Air
  1. Arlington Atelier
  2. Hamburg Studio